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Maine Transgender Network, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides support and resources for the transgender community, families, and significant others, and raises awareness about the varied forms of gender identity and expression by providing training and consultation for mental health and social service professionals.

Events & Updates:

  • 12/12/2014: Announcement of changes in leadership:

Since the time when I came out as transgender in 2001, I have been witness to big changes.  Changes I never thought possible.  In 2005, the Maine Human Rights Act was expanded to provide protection LGBT people: the first state in the nation to include gender identity in its Human Rights Act.  At the same time, I had just started my second semester at the University of Southern Maine, and entered into the fight to help pass marriage equality.  We didn’t win that time, but the fight raged on and this battle was finally won in 2012.

I found MaineTransNet in 2007.  I was present at the first official meeting of the organization, where I met its founder Alex Roan.  I found support, connected to resources, broadened my perspective, and met many great people in those early days.  Soon, I found my voice, gained confidence in my personhood, and found myself wanting to give back to the organization that had helped me so much.  I wanted this little organization to grow and come to fill needs that were not being met anywhere else in the state.  Its mission, to provide support and resources to the trans community, and to educate those who would serve us, was an idea I liked.  And so, while others fought the big picture fight to change laws and policies, I found a place where I felt I could give back and do small things to help make life a little better for others in the day to day.

 I started volunteering for events and activities, and eventually appointed to the Board of Directors, and when it was time for Alex to move on to new endeavors, I was elected to assume leadership of MaineTransNet: a post that I did not take lightly, and admittedly felt a little overwhelmed by.  One thing I always strived for was to make sure that MaineTransNet stayed connected to its mission: to provide support and resources for the transgender community and its allies, and to continue to educate providers of all types across the state. 

Now the time has come that my tenure at MaineTransNet has ended.  It is time to make way for new ideas, fresh talent, and exciting new leaders: the time has come to pass the baton to the next wave of leaders for MaineTransNet.  As I step down from the Board, it is my sincere hope that I have been a good steward of the organization, and left it better then I found it.  I think one of our past Board members Lisa Bunker said it best when she called MaineTransNet “a scrappy little organization.”  In a time when nonprofits are strapped for resources, MaineTransNet has always found a way to keep kicking and continue to provide free services to the transgender community.  Please join me in congratulating Gia Drew, the newly elected President of the Board.  I wish her great success in her tenure, and I invite you all to join and support her this wave of change and get involved!  I look forward to an exciting future for MaineTransNet, as the best is yet to come! 

All the best,

Branden A. Parker, LMSW-cc 

  • 12/03/2014 - The Bangor Trans only support group is back!  The group will meet on the first Monday of each month from 6-7:30pm at  51 Broadway in Bangor.  

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  • Free Sharps Containers!! 
    • MaineTransNet has received a generous donation of 50 - 1 quart sharps containers and a small supply of alcohol prep pads. We are happy to make these available to our members on a first come-first served basis. The only stipulation for this donation is that they go to Trans people in Maine. We are happy to provide them free of charge to anyone in need; however, we will not turn down donations to cover shipping. Simply send us an EMAIL ( to request one and include name and mailing address so we know where to send it. Enter "Sharps Container" in the subject line to expedite the process. If you would like to make a donation to cover shipping, go to our website and click the "how to help" tab and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find info on how to make an electronic (Paypal) or snail mail donation. We will also try to remember to bring a few to meetings to have them available for pick up in person.

The Evolution of this Website:

Our goal is to make this THE info website for transgender issues specific to Maine and contain a multitude of useful information for all people interested in trans-related topics. We are looking for website authors who would like to contribute, especially to the "writing" and "trans info" sections, though help on any section will be valued. More people involved with this project means that we can provide more information and represent a wider variety of perspectives. Anyone with ideas about gender is welcome to contribute--you don't have to be trans or know a single thing about HTML!

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